To: Parents of Kindergarten Students

Date: April 30, 2018

Weekly Spelling Test and Sentence Words - please practice

five nine, pile, bike, time bonus word - flower

*******Please continue to practice addition/subtraction facts to 10******

New Sight Words: does, too, would, which

Sight Words- to, bike, she, can, yes, has, ride, see, I, we, like, the, girl, home, new, a, and, her, is, go, this, friend, you, will come, do, make, said, my, look, went, put, here, by, are, your, that, he, with, many, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, some, now, was, have, keep, what, how, for, from, they, of, little, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, play, me, want, each, about, work, help, more, find, saw, who, them, other, each, or, when, these, there, then, some, smile, more, be, know

New Blending: Long ‘i’ words

bike, bite, dime, dine, dive, file, fine, five, hide, hike, hive, like, kite, life, lime, line, Mike, mine, mile, nine, pile, pine, pipe, quite, ride, ripe, rise, side, size, tile, time, vine, wide, wife, wipe, wise

Long ‘a’ words

Abe, ape, ate, bake, base, cake, came, cane, cape, case, cave, Dale, date, Dave, daze, fade, fake, fame, Gabe, game, gate, gave, gaze, Jake, Jane, Kate, lake, lane, late, made, make, maze, name, Nate, quake, rake, rate, rave, safe, sale, same, save, take, tale, tame, tape, wake, wave

Blending Words: Students should now read fluently

am, Sam, Pam, Tam, pat, tap, sap, at, map, sat, mat, it, sit, sip, pit, tip, Tim, man, Nat, in, tan, tin, nap, pin, pan, Nan, cat, cap, Cam, Tom, Mom, not, cot, tot, on, pot, pop, top,, Dad, mad, sad, pad, Dan, Don, did, dim, dip, Sid, hat, had, ham, hid, hit, hip, him, hop, hot, pen, pet, Ted, ten, den, hen, set, met, men, net, Ed, Ned, fan, fin, fit, fat, fed, if, rim, rat, ram, rip, red, rot, rod, Ron, Bob, bat, bad, bib, tab, dab, sob, bed, Deb,Ben, bin, bit, bet, Rob, cob, cab, rib, fib, lap, let, lit, lot, lip, led, lab, Kim, kit, Mack, kick, mock, sack, sick, sock, pack, pick, tack, tick, deck, dock, rack, Rick, rock, back, lack, lick, lock, neck, kid, run, sun, fun, bun, hum, rub, nut, hut,cut, bus, us, up, pup, cup, duck, tuck, luck, bud, mud, gas, get, Gus, gut, rug, dug, tug, tag, bug, mug, hug, rag, bag, hog, log, leg, wig, dig, pig, big, fig, web, wet, wag, win, wit,ox, box, fox, fix, mix, six, wax, tax, ax, Rex, van, vet, jet, jog, jug, job, jig, Jim, jam, Jack, Jan, quit, quick, quack, yes, yet, yam, yuck, yum, zip, zig-zag


Math Lessons 10.4 - 10.5 - 10.6

Super Reader Book & Report DUE TUESDAYS PLEASE

Sentences: Use 5 words from the spelling list


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