The Mark Twain School Library is filled with an abundance of resources for all ages. There are thousands of books, magazines and videos available for student and staff use. There are also 35 computers for the students to utilize for research and assignment completion.

The goals of the library are to:

*Cultivate a love of reading and encourage students to become lifelong learners

*Provide a broad range of quality resources to support both recreational reading and curriculum

*Teach students to become ethical and effective users of both print and electronic resources.

The school’s library catalog can be accessed at home by going to There are numerous Ebooks and databases for research and recreational reading that students can access from their home computer.

An additional resource available to our students and their parents is This is an online community devoted to improving sleep, health, and wellness and contains suggestions for age-appropriate books available in print and online. Check out this website for book selection ideas and possible stories to read aloud with your child.

BE AN EARTH EXPLORER this summer at the Chicago Public Library. Go to your public library and sign up for the Summer Reading Program for your chance to play games and win prizes all for just reading books!!!!!

As the year is coming to an end, students will be working on activities that culminate the entire year in Library.

This month, the students in Grades K-2 will be creating stories that include characters, setting, problem and solution by playing “roll a story” in which they will create a random story based on the rolling of a die.

Grades 3 and 4 will finish their unit on Digital Citizenship by learning about creating passwords and being kind online. We will also review the books they have read this year and discuss more books they can read this summer.

Grade 5 will create a poster for the Library pertaining to the Dewey Decimal System. Students will use their knowledge of non-fiction books to create a poster that will be on display in the Library.

Grades 6 and 7 will create a portfolio folder in their Google drive in which they put all of their documents from this year for easy access in the future.

Grade 8 will choose books from the CPS Virtual Library and create a list of e-resources that they would like to read over the summer.

This year as part of the Library rules, we are asking the students to Be their BEST!

1. Be Honest

2. Exhibit a Positive Attitude

3. Show Respect

4. Take Responsibility


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