Sexual Health Education

Comprehensive sexual health education builds a foundation of knowledge and skills relating to human development, relationships, decision-making, abstinence, contraception, and disease prevention. Sexual health education at Mark Twain School starts in kindergarten and continues through 8th grade. At every grade level, lessons teach developmentally appropriate and medically accurate information that build upon the knowledge and skills that were mastered in the previous stage.

Curriculum Connection: A Parent Companion for the CPS Sexual Health Education Curriculum

In the Curriculum Connection, parents and guardians can find a summary of what their child will learn in each grade, the NSES Standards met, suggested activities, conversation starters, and additional resources.

 We hope to give our students all the tools necessary to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health. CPS recognizes partnering with parents and guardians is very important in achieving this goal. We encourage you to use the Curriculum Connection to help you talk to your children about sexual health, relationships and personal safety.

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